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Redken Obession 2015
Redken Cut and Why 2015
American Crew Mens Cutting Course 2016
Redken Obsession 2016
Summit Course 2016
Redken Fusion 2016
Redken All about Curls 2016
Redken Barber Class 2017
Redken Balayage 2017
Guy tang Mydenity Launch and Color Class 2018 
Redken Fusion 2018
L'oreal Balayage 2018
BTC Show(Washington DC) 2019
Gina Bianca-Master Stylist(Toronto) 2019
Gina Bianca Mastermind 2020
Hair Banger's Academy 2020
Lorna Evans Updo and Styling Education 2020
Maggie Hancock 90's Trends 2020
Bescene Color Course + Color Vault 2020

Thrivers Societing 2021

Afro Hair Styling 2021


HEY, I'm Thao! 

I'm a passionate and creative stylist based out of Montreal.  I am a color specialist. I was born in Toronto. Grew up most of my childhood in Vancouver. I have been in Montreal from my teens to adult life. I always loved the city life and all the different cultures.

I grew up in a salon environment from a young age. My mom owned a salon for years in Vancouver until we moved to Montreal. I have always loved making others happy and to be of service. I decided to be a stylist at the age of 16. My goal is to make you feel your absolute best and make your everyday life easier. I do this by giving you tips, tutorials, and overall help you have fun with your hair.

When you join me at the salon, you will find that I will consult and guide you from your haircut, style, and color. It will be something you have yet to experience before.

We will create a plan based on your hair goals as I teach all the tips to not only have gorgeous hair when you leave the salon but every day at home.

On the weekends, you will see me always trying new foods, binging Netflix, and being a couch potato. If you have any restaurant recommendations, hit me up! I am always down to try new places. Some people eat to live, I live to eat.

I can't wait to meet you!


Hair Care Survey

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