12 Tips on How to take care of Curly Hair!

Having trouble taking care of your curly locks? Is it driving you crazy when you wake up in the morning? Here are some amazing tips for curly hair!

1. Starting on the right foot.

Using the right shampoo and conditioner is a must! Curly hair is naturally dry, meaning we need to make sure that it stays hydrated! Pharmacy products tend to have chemicals that strip the natural oils. Most of them have fillers such as silicone and waxes that seem like they are making your hair soft but aren't actually hydrating. I recommend salon grade products such as Redken's 'Frizz Dismiss' line or 'Curvaceous.'

2. Towels, towels, towels...

Microfiber towels are amazing for towel drying curly hair. Most towels have sewn in loops that can pull out more frizz!

3. I woke up like this!

Satin or silk pillow cases are prefect for when you want to wake up with less frizz and faster touch up for your hair.

4. All about that curly product life!

Styling products are needed for when you want to style your natural locks. Depending on your curl, there are many different types of products needed. For example, for those who have waves or "lazy curls" there are sprays and mousses to help enhance the curls. However for those who have ringlets or curlier hair, the best is to use a curl cream that will hydrate, enhance curls and reduce frizz. I always recommend to layer your products and not to mix them. This way you get the full effect of your product.

5. So many products so little time? Master the way you style!

Struggling on how to apply your products? With any curly hair product, it is best to start from the bottom and work your way up. Even sectioning your hair and working the product up will make a big difference for the end result. Curly hair products are best used when you apply it on the palm of your hand and spread it as if its hand cream.Then use a scrunching motion to apply to the hair. The more you practice the better and faster you become!

6. What you should never do?

NEVER touch your curls when its dry! It will make your hair become frizzy and untamed. It is better to leave it alone. When you want to comb your hair, use a wide tooth comb with hair that has conditioner applied in it.

7.To dry or not to dry?

The diffuser is perfect for drying curly hair. Attach your diffuser to your blow dryer, all functions of your blow dryer should be on medium. Start from the bottom of your hair and bring your diffuser onto the section of your hair and dry it against your scalp.This way it is drying the whole section onto the scalp to help bring out the best curls as well as control the volume. However, naturally drying hair is the best way in the summer but use the diffuser for the colder seasons. Damp or wet hair in cold weather can turn it to ice and create damage and dryness.

8. Silky soft hair don't care!

Hydration is the most important ingredient for your hair. Hair masks help boost it! A hydrating mask once a week for 5-10 minutes helps with this.

9. Fight that humidity and frizz!

There are oils that also help hydration, fight humidity and reduce frizz. For when you want to touch your curly hair when dry, make sure that you have an oil applied on your hands that way you don't bring out any frizz.

10. Don't forget to condition that hair!

Make sure to leave in your conditioner for at least 3-5 minutes. It needs time to hydrate, close your cuticles and help balance your Ph levels.

11. Work that healthy life style.

What you eat makes a big difference on the health of your hair. Having a well balanced diet, drinking lots of water and exercise can make a big difference. Think of it this way, pretend that your hair is your garden and your hair strands are flowers. If you don't take care of the soil then the flowers won't bloom to the best of their ability. Your body is what help do this. Also when washing your hair, giving your scalp a little love meaning a small massage will help circulate your blood and release any tension on your scalp's follicle. This small massage can go a long way to aide healthier hair!

12. Split ends? No problem!

Don't forget to maintain your hair cuts! Once there's split ends, the only way to solve this is to cut it off. Regular hair cuts make sure that your hair is healthy and have less damage, frizz and a better shape for your curls.

At the end of the day its all about taking good care of your hair but also having fun with it! Everyone has techniques of their own that works well for their hair. What works for you?

-Thao le

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