The Real Benefits of a Scalp Massage

Have you gone to the hair salon and received the BEST scalp massage..? Did you never want it to end? Scalp massages are one of the services I look forward to when I get my hair done. But what are the real benefits of a scalp massage?

Helps hair growth

Massaging your scalp daily helps to circulate blood, increasing blood flow that feeds the hair follicle at the root of the hair. It helps to loosen the scalp, so that your hairs can grow in easier and stronger. If your scalp is tight, or has inflammation then it can hinder hair growth and can cause hair loss. It doesn’t just help new hairs grow, it also strengthens your current hairs and prolongs the cycle of hair growth.

Let it shine!

Ever feel you have dull hair? Massaging the scalp helps to add moisture and shine from your natural oils as your scalp produces one of the best natural oils for your hair. It also helps with scalp conditions such as dandruff, psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis by the removal of dead skin cells, promoting natural oils and blood circulation.

More strength

Daily styling, brushing, sun exposure and hair tying can damage your hair. Massaging your scalp can help build strength for your hair from these damages. The stronger your hair, the better.

Bye bye Stress!

Feeling tense or stressed? Scalp massages help with relaxation, stress, mood and promotes sleep. All you need is 5-10 minutes of a scalp massage and your worries go away!

Don't forget to give your scalp a little love, it can go a long way!

-Thao Le

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