How to take care of Clip-In Extensions

Did you buy new clip-in extensions and aren't sure how to take care of them? You came to the right place. Taking care of them ensures that they last long and look its best.


Whenever you style your extensions, make sure that the heat on your styling tools are on low to medium heat. Be very gentle when you are styling while they are clipped in. Don’t forget to use a heat protectant to ensure the integrity of the hair and its color.


Clip-in extensions should be washed after 2-5 uses. Here are some steps on how to wash your extensions.

  • Remove the extensions from your hair.

  • Brush the extensions gently to remove all tangles and knots. A looped brush which is made for extensions are perfect for this. Always start brushing from the bottom of the hair then working your way up.

  • Wash with a gentle shampoo formula. Fill your sink with lukewarm water and add a few drops of the shampoo in. Put your clip-in extensions in the solution and wash gently.

  • Use a hydrating conditioner and leave it in for 5 minutes then rinse.

  • Blot the hair dry and let it air dry.

  • Once they are dry you can style as desired. If they are not being used, store them in a case for protection.

If you follow all of these aforementioned steps, your clip-in extensions willl look and feel amazing!

-Thao Le

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