Thao's Tips: One of my favorite texturizing sprays. I use this for my beach curls or my lived-in looks! I always work from lightest spray to strongest spray. This is one of those sprays I use to set the curls and give texture before I brush it through. Use this for added volume and texture at the roots. Spray at the roots and use the bottle, placing it under the strand that you sprayed to set that volume. Otherwise, spray at arm's length.

Redken's Website:

Triple Dry 15 is an aerosol dry texture finishing spray that can be used to prep and finish hair. It uses the same tri-actuator technology as Triple Take 32, allowing for even and fine mist distribution. Try it for: Effortless beach waves. Spray hair before waving and set for grip and touchable softness without powdery residue. Layer Triple Take 32 to set with higher hold.

Redken's Triple Dry 15 241g

SKU: 884486387769
  • Store in a dry or cool place.

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