REVIV3 PREP is a gentle deep cleansing & exfoliating shampoo formulated to remove environmental residues and product buildup. A major contributor of thinning and hair loss over time. PREP combines a blend of 12 plant-based ingredients, proteins and Vitamin Complexes to nourish and repair follicles damage and restore scalp health for stronger, healthier hair.

  • Deep cleanse and Scalp Exfoliation to remove and prevent clogging of Follicles
  • Increase Hair and Follicle Strength
  • Restore Scalp pH balance for healthy hair growth
  • Improve scalp health and blocks DHT formation to prevent hair loss
  • Block DHT Formation to Prevent Hair Loss
  • Reduce Breakage
  • Condition Hair & Hydrate Hair Follicle & Strands
  • Reduces Symptoms of Eczema & Psoriasis

Clinically Tested
A clinical study of the REVIV3 three-step system conducted by iRSI Labs, a nationally recognized independent laboratory, demonstrated the following results in 30 days:

  • 300% increase in hair strength
  • 75% reduction in broken hair fibers
  • 81.5% increase in mean PH scalp health
  • 72.7% of participants showing improvement in hair density
  • 75.8% of Participants showing improvement in hair thickness
  • 100% of participants experienced improvement in scalp health
  • 97% of Participants showing improvement in circulation

Reviv3 three-part system was proven effective to reduce thinning and increase hair quality in the majority of participants with 81.8% indicating they would use the product again and 78.8% would recommend Reviv3 to family and friends.

PREP is formulated to increase hair strength by removing the daily build-up of residues that cause follicles to clog and in turn inhibit healthy hair growth while increasing concentrated levels of nutrients and active peptides known to improve follicle health resulting in an optimum hair growth cycle.

Clinical studies conducted by iRSI Labs have demonstrated when used regularly as part of the Reviv3 three-part system, PREP is proven effective to improve hair strength, reduce breakage and improve scalp health.

ReviveProCare Prep Cleanser Shampoo 300ml


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